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 United Faculty of Florida-Brevard Chapter

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UFF-Brevard responds to faculty emails at the following email address:

Executive Council
PRESIDENT: Laura Earle
VICE PRESIDENT: Debra Marshall
TREASURER: Niko Koukos
SECRETARY Lynn Spencer

Heather Elko
Robert Lamb
Harold Zacks
Joanne Connell
Marianne D'Altilio
Alternate Senators
Judi Schatte
Ricky Parrish

FEA Delegates
Niko Koukos
Karen MacArthur
FEA Alternate Delegate: Joanne Connell

Political Action/Gov't. Relations Chair: Lynn Spencer
Membership Committee Chair: Niko Koukos
Grievance Chair: Judi Schatte
Chief Negotiator: Lynn Spencer
Web/YouTube Site Editor: Debra Marshall
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