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Contract Negotiation over: Ratification Vote Scheduled

By now faculty should have received via email the final bargaining update sent by Chief Negotiator Lynn Spencer August 5, 2010. This year’s bargaining is now complete and the process of ratifying the proposed changes is starting. The faculty will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the changes at the Welcome Back meeting August 12, 2010, 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. A ratification vote will also be taken at the conclusion of the meeting.

The proposed changes are also subject to ratification by the Board of Trustees, a matter they will undertake at the August 16, 2010 meeting (9:00 AM Cocoa Campus Board Room). If either side chooses not to ratify the contract, both teams will go back to the bargaining table. It is the hope of UFF-Brevard that this does NOT happen. Your bargaining team has worked very hard all summer to produce changes we believe will benefit faculty and the institution as a whole.

The five articles impacted by the proposed changes are available on the bargaining page. Lynn has sent a number of bargaining updates throughout the summer that summarize the proposed changes. For your convenience, I am also including a summary below:

Article 6: Language from the MOU regarding the selection and function of the Tenure and Professional Development Committee was incorporated into the article.

Article 10: Language was created to allow a faculty member, in consultation with his/her supervisor, to be given special consideration for how and when MCC requirements are met. For example, a faculty member who has gone above and beyond the MCC requirements during one cycle may potentially carry those excess items into the next cycle.

Article 12: Language was added acknowledging the existing methods for the accumulation, use and calculation of sick leave for terminal pay. Faculty members will be charged only for those hours missed, as referenced in the faculty member’s schedule.

Article 11: A number of changes were made to this article to align it with the establishment and emerging practice of the TPD committee. The faculty roles in the tenure process are clarified and strengthened, while certain ambiguities about the role of supervisor were removed.

Article 14: All faculty members will receive a raise of $1000.00 to their base salary. In addition, as part of our continuing effort to combat the issue of compression, each faculty member will receive $155.00 per year of service to their base pay. Program and Curriculum Coordinators will see a $500.00 increase in their stipend. A “new” option has been added to the Department Chair compensation plan. DCs may opt to receive an additional release time and a reduced stipend. Finally, faculty serving as club sponsors, coaches, etc. may see an increase in their stipend, depending on Student Activity Fees funding.

An updated version of the entire Collective Bargaining Agreement, with the new proposals and as many of the appendices referenced as possible, will be posted to the website within the next few days.

Academic Affairs Committee: A Work in Progress

This spring the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC), as detailed in Article 6.16 of the CBA, has begun in earnest its enormous task of developing policies and procedures to enable true faculty governance of academics and curriculum at Brevard Community College.

The process began with election of representatives from both curriculum cluster committees and campuses at-large. Laura Dunn was then elected to chair the initial AAC with one of her first tasks being appointment of a AAC Handbook sub-committee to research and propose policies and procedures for operation of the committee, curriculum development, and other academic issues and decisions.

Review and approval of a backlog of curriculum changes in time for catalog publication deadlines was one of the first tasks of the committee. With those changes reviewed, approved, and moved forward, the AAC has focused on the Handbook development.

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